The Buzzard bow has Stood the test of time. Designed and entered into production more than twenty years ago it is still a very popular model. Sporting a classic bow and siyah shape the Buzzard captures the imagination of those who desire a link to the past.

For those who prefer a bow that is more historically accurate in appearance. there is no need to compromise accuracy at the target. The ability of the Buzzard to perform is only limited by the skill of the archer guiding the arrow.

Available in two sizes and draw lengths. 51.5" long with a max draw of 30", #25-#50 measured at 30", or 48" with a max draw of 28", #25-#60 measured at 28". The Buzzard is another bow capable of any archery discipline whether target, hunting or horseback.

buzzard drawn
buzzard unstrung buzzar strung