The Falcon series is the top of the Kassai line of bows. Offered in three sizes it is possible to accommodate every archer and discipline. Built asymmetrically to pay tribute to the weapons of the Huns, the Falcon combines ancient design with modern technology. Available in both clear and black glass for maximum aesthetics or performance.

The Falcon II, midsize of the Falcon series, is the best performing bow in the Kassai line and the choice of most of the top competitors. 54 inches strung, it allows for 32 inches of draw. The Falcon II is very fast and responsive to minor variations shooting form it will take practice to master.

Because the Falcon II can be ordered in weights up to #65 it is suited for any archery discipline.

Available in draw weights #25-#65.

Falcon II drawn
Falcon II unstrung Falcon II strung Falcon II detail