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Todd Delle, Kassai USA
P.O. Box 1897
Bigfork, MT. 59911
(406) 250-1372


A leader with at least 9 students who has been elected. Has the right to organize competitions and conduct examinations.


is simply the title for the leader of a training group, who has met the requirements to host international competitions under the Kassai rules.

I started this process in 2,000 and continue to improve and refine my own skills and knowledge. To do this I travel each year to Hungary to train and compete with some of the best horseback archers in Europe. The knowledge I gain there, comes home to share with those who train with me. One of the true tests of knowledge is the ability to pass it to others. In horseback archery the trick is to pass the knowledge along in a way where the student finds the answer for themselves. Teaching someone to fish feeds them for life.

The experiences I gain in Hungary each year allow me to continually update my training program. Having the opportunity to train with many teachers and students from throughout Europe gives me a knowledge base to draw from that I feel is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Each day I am able to train with the worlds best and complete beginners. Honestly I have to admit to being able to learn from both levels of teachers.

Horseback archery for me has become more a way of life than a sport. What I have learned from the horse and from archery are lessons that find their way into everything I do. Physical and mental discipline are essential for the horseback archer, interestingly enough those qualities just make life a little more fun. What a lifelong interest in archery, and a growing knowledge of horses has shown me is that a lifetime is not long enough to gain a complete understanding of this discipline.

Horseback archery is an adventure that will take a lifetime to complete, happily, the life will end long before the adventure.