Delle Törzs

Allen is rapidly becoming one of the most traveled of members. He continually makes the time to train and compete here but also in Canada with our extended family to the north.

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Allen Minton: Kezdõ-Íjász

I enjoy Horseback Archery for a couple of reasons: The excitement, the intrigue associated with resurrecting an ancient martial art, the combination of two enjoyable activities, the necessary partnership between horse and rider, and meeting some really interesting people.

Horseback archery is an exciting activity. The feel of the horse's powerful movements beneath you, the sound of the hoofs pounding the earth, the wind in your face, bending the bow to full draw, releasing the arrow at the correct instant, the thump indicating a hit, and the feeling of accomplishment. When it all comes together on a nice run, it is a great feeling.

Horseback Archery has allowed me to combine two activities that I have enjoyed for many years. It seems like archery has always ben a part of my life. My father enjoyed archery for most of his life and introduced me to the bow at an early age. Fifty years later, I still enjoy shooting arrows and making my own archery equipment. My wonderful wife introduced me to the horse. I have been involved with horses ever since. It was natural for me to eventually experiment with shooting from the horse. My early efforts were troublesome. Then I was introduced to the techniques employed by the Kassai School of Horseback Archery. I was impressed by this instinctive, fluid, and efficient style of shooting the bow. The Kassai methods have helped me navigate my way through many difficulties. The demands of horseback archery have brought me closer to my horses. I still have much to learn. However, I am a much better horseman and probably a better person.