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When horseback archers gather together to prove their knowledge and celebrate.


for members of the Kassai School has a dual purpose. The obvious is that it is a time when we gather together to test the knowledge of our art. The not so obvious is that it is also a time when we come together to celebrate with each other. The distance between many of us seperates us physically and competition it is the only time of year that we see each other. This gives reason to celebrate.

The competition should be considered the culmination of each year's training, for me it is just a contuation of that training; The formal atmosphere of competition adds anxiety that is almost impossible to imitate in physical training. How we deal with this anxiety in training, competition, and everyday life is the most important thing we learn from horseback archery. The horse and bow are the true teachers. Competition gives students on the same path a time to come together and not only show our own progress, but also help others along their own paths. This is our reason to celebrate.

Within the rules of competition each gallop is timed, allowing the horseback archer 18 seconds to shoot as many arrows as their ablity allows. The three-sided target allows forward, passing, and parting shots from distances between 10-55 yards. The training required to shoot three arrows in six seconds, or twelve arrows in eighteen, from the back of a horse is both mental and physical. Horseback archers must complete archery, riding, and horseback archery examinations before being allowed to compete.

The scores achieved in competition allow the horseback archer to apply for examinations that will determine their degree. The Kassai school currently recognizes twelve degrees. Six student degrees, beginning at 30 points and advancing to 180 points. Six Master degrees, beginning at 210 points and advancing to 360 points, providing goals for today, or a lifetime.