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"Tools of the tradition."

Developed through more than 25 years of field testing and continious refinement.


offered here has stood the test of time, developed through more than 25 years of field testing and continuous refinement. Combining traditional designs with modern materials, the bows developed by Kassai cross a wide spectrum of fit and function. With draw weights from 15-110 pounds there truly is a bow to fit everyone. The biggest decisions when choosing a bow should be how it will be used and the temperament of the user.

Although all of these bows are suitable for horseback archery, there are considerations that will help you choose. The first is draw weight; most people tend to get too much bow. Using a bow that is too heavy is the leading cause of incorrect shooting form. Forty pounds is considered heavy for horseback archery but is illegal for hunting in most states. A 15# bow with a properly matched arrow will easily start a young horseback archer while allowing an effective target range of 25 meters.

The choice of durability, versus performance is a very personal decision. The fiberglass bows are very durable and this can be an advantage when learning. Missed nocks, resulting in dry firing of the bow or dropping the bow from the horse, are some of the hazards that occur. The laminated bows perform better, but are more fragile than the fiberglass models. This will make the added cost a factor as the laminated bows will not survive the same abuse.

Saddles follow traditional designs for the horseback archer. They are a simple wood tree, with a suspended rawhide seat, and a felt pad with a sheepskin cover. This design works well for horseback archery by providing a secure seat. The seat of this saddle is very short.