Kassai School of Horseback Archery
Examination system


  1. Examination: Archery: Blue kaftan, yellow belt

      This examination includes special calisthenics, breathing techniques, formation exercises, form exercises, and archery exercises.

      These exercises are built of simple elements that anyone can learn. The exercises become the foundation of horseback archery and the career of the horseback archer relies upon them. Therefore, the examinations are very strict and only in the case of flawless execution will the student obtain his degree.
      Depending on diligence, the material can be learned in 3-6 months. In case of failure the student can apply for a new date.

  • Examination: Riding: Blue kaftan, red belt.

      This examination includes arena work, trail riding, and ground work. These exercises develop timing, rhythm, and balance.

      Upon successful completion of the first examination, the student can prepare himself for the second examination, the demonstration of riding knowledge.
      The purpose of the exercises:
      • To get to know the horse as the most important and equal partner of the rider.
      • To acquire both general and specific techniques serving horseback archery.

      The student will progress step by step. Every examination will be conducted bareback.
      Depending on diligence and regular practice, the material can be learned in 6-12 months. In case of failure the student can apply for a new date.

  • Examination Archery and Riding: Blue kaftan, black belt

        This examination includes: shooting sideways, shooting while turning through three positions, shooting while performing squats, shooting from a lying down position.
        The archer will conduct the four basic exercises. During each exercise three arrows must be shot within six seconds while maintaining characteristic form and regular movements.

        This examination includes: riding on the competition course, theoretical knowledge of the examination system.

        The rider on the competition course must show a proper start and follow the targets with a drawn bow in a dynamic gallop. Harmonious movements from the hip down are demonstrated and the rider will move in harmony with the horse. From the hip up the rider must be perfectly smooth and following the targets, ending with a correct stop.

      The theoretical material of the third examination is knowledge of:
        The training system of horseback archery, competition regulations, and understanding of the horseback archery examinations. The examination material should be learned and practiced in conjunction with the first two examinations. This training gives the horseback archer a secure foundation for starting their actual career in horsebak archery.
        In this way the serious mistakes, made by a great number of people due to a lacking, superficial, and unprofessional guidance, will be avoided.
        In the case failure the student may apply for a new date.
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