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Todd Delle, Kassai USA
P.O. Box 1897
Bigfork, MT. 59911
(406) 250-1372


"Members of the Kassai School of Horseback Archery who actively pursue the art of Horseback archery."

Horseback Archery World Association

is the global community made up of members of the Kassai School. Within this community the title of "Horseback Archer" is earned. This definition is critical, we live at a point in time where more and more of our society has become "virtual", where active participation is limited to only fingertips, and imagination. Exercise of imagination is a wonderful thing, the human race cannot exist without it. Unfortunately "www.experiencethis.com" is just not real life. The difference between knowledge and understanding is how it is collected. Knowledge is holding a grain of sand and and telling others about swimming the ocean, climbing Mount Everest, crossing the Gobi, or falling from a horse. Our members may not have done all of these things but , one thing is certain, the grain of sand they hold, the understanding, was collected personally. Although quite possibly unintentionally, with pride.

Within our school the ability to ride and shoot does not insure the the title of "Horseback Archer". This comes only after completion of a set of tests that insure not only the physical ability but, also the mental stability required to be truly successful at an art that takes more than a lifetime to master.