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Kassai USA,

Todd Delle, Törzsfo, Providing; Equipment, Training and International competition for the Horseback archer.

Horseback Archery

is a martial discipline dating back more than 2500 years combining the arts of achery and horsemanship. Those who study the history and development of either of these disciplines find very quickly that they intersect at crucial points in history. They have intersected again in modern history with the development of horseback archery as a modern sport studied as a martial art.

For the modern horseman we look to Xenophon's Anabasis. It was during this expedition that he gained the knowledge that has formed the basis of the modern re-discovery of natural horsemanship. The Greek invasion of Persia was a military disaster, but what Xenophon returned home with was a new working knowledge of horses and tack most notably the saddle and what would eventually be known as the hackamore.

Archers study the composite bows of people of the Eurasian Steppes. These highly developed bows became legendary in their own right, as were the warriors who carried them. When examining the history of archery we read of mounted warriors who challenged Rome, conquered China, and the silk road that played a major role in the renaissance of Europe.

Xenophon, learned the through defeat. from an opponent whose weapon of choice for was the bow. For the next 2000 years the horseback archer spread this style of riding from Japan to the Iberian peninsula, Africa to Russia. Through peoples known as Scythians, Huns, Mongols, Saracens, Turks, Moors and others we are left a legacy that influences our archery and horsemanship to this day.

For those who have a desire for the practicle application of horsemanship I you invite to step inside and explore more than 3000 years of the history of horsemanship through the art of Horseback Archery.