Th Turul breaks design tradition by returning to tradition. Kassai Bows have always followed traditional lines and ideas but were constructed with modern technique and style. The Turul follows historically accurate lines and has found its way into the hearts of those seeking to preserve tradition in Hungary.

The laminated Turul offers superior performance in a lighter physical weight and can be purchased in both clear and black glass

Having very graceful lines, and a light physical feel is complimented with a fast arrow cast that is quiet and concise. Available in four versions two resin fiber and two laminated.

The Turul I string is 55" long. Draw length is 33" and measured at 30". Available in draw weights of #25-#55

The Turul II string is 51" long. Draw length is 51" and measured at 30" Available in draw weights of #25-#55

Turul drawn
vazul unstrung Turul strung